Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Enjoy Our Perfect Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpet in your home or office, it is essential to keep it clean and dust free. Cleaning will greatly help with allergies. Allowing dust, stains and odors to accumulate on your carpet can cause minor to major allergies which can force health obstacles if care is not taken. Here at Carpet Cleaner Nassau use the most powerful yet safe carpet cleaning techniques go get your carpets looking amazing and feeling as soft as ever. That is the reason why we are here to deliver you with best tested cleaning service using reliable formulated cleaning eco-friendly cleaning agents. You will get excellent and appropriate service in your house through the cleaning services we provide when you hire us.

Our Deep Carpet Cleaning Process

Traffic Areas Pre-Spray
Spot Removal
Edge Cleaning
Deep Shampoo Cleaning
State of the art cleaning equipment will be used to assure maximum soil and odor removal.

After cleaning is complete and before our cleaning people leave your home your carpet will be thoroughly inspected to assure your satisfaction. Any remaining odors or spots will be cleaned again. Cleaning carpets requires special attention and we at Carpet Cleaner Nassau always give you your money’s worth. That is why we are here to ensure that your carpet is completely clean. We will move any furniture possible to ensure a complete room cleaning.

Our service covers all of Nassau County and we have first and committed crew that are ready to respond to the needs of customers at any point in time. You will always get high-level cleaning on your carpet when you allow us to do the job.

Benefits Of Using Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Drying In Less Time Than Other Cleaners
Safe For The Elderly, Children and Pets
Cutting Edge Cleaning Technology
Tough Stains Eliminated
Same Day Service
Professional, Honest and Reliable Technicians
20+ Years Of Experience

What Stain We Remove

Most people do not clean carpets until they see stains or smell some odors. We remove all stains and odors such as;

Water Stains
Coffee, Tea
Urine, Feces
Drinks (red wine, juice, soda etc)

We also offer Water/Flood and Fire/Soot Cleaning and Restoration For All Carpets

Area Rug Restoration

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