Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Enjoy Our Perfect Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

Carpet Cleaner Nassau has been rated #1 in Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning in the Nassau County area for over 20 years. Upholstery and Furniture should be cleaned, usually every 2 years, if you have a lot of usage on your Upholstery and Furniture then every year. You should always make sure your Upholstery and Furniture are free from dirt and dust. Depending on the fabric of your Upholstery and Furniture cleaning may be challenging or extremely difficult for some other companies. Not with us, we have cleaned all fabrics and stains for 20+ years and do it well without damage. We offer free on site or off site estimates. Upholstery and Furniture dry within hours.

Germs and Dust

Deep cleaning your Upholstery and Furniture is the complete way to remove all germs and dust especially if you have children, pets or just had work done in your home or office. A regular steam cleaning won’t do much to get out germs and dust, that cleaning will just mask them. Because deep cleaning is a time-consuming and difficult job. When having deep cleaning done we do recommend not sitting on your Upholstery and Furniture for 24 hours. Our deep cleaning will remove germs and breathe new, fresh life into your favorite Upholstery and Furniture.

Water Damage

Any water damage or flooding issues is stressful in itself. No need to also worry who is going to save your Upholstery and Furniture for a reasonable price. We will extract the water, deep clean, sanitize and deodorize your Upholstery and Furniture completely. They will look almost brand new when we are done with cleaning. After any water damage or flooding issues we ask you not sit on your Upholstery and Furniture for at least 24 hours. Also, leave a window open a bit to remove any dampness in the air, this will also help the Upholstery and Furniture dry faster.

Stains and Odors

Before we clean your Upholstery and Furniture we will check for any difficult stains and odors that may need extra work. We will pre-spray those areas, leave the fluids to sit deep into the fabric (approx. 5 minutes) then do a deep cleaning of your Upholstery and Furniture. We get out most stains and odors: urine, feces, coffee, tea, juice, soy sauce, ink, wax, make-up, vomit, water based paint and so many other stains. We do recommend keeping the stain moist with a damp paper towel until we arrive for the complete cleaning. If spot cleaning does not work, call us, we will be there within the hour.

Allergy and Green Cleaning

Every single product we use here at Carpet Cleaner Nassau is completely safe for the elderly, children and pets. They are odorless and chemical free. Let’s face it, there are enough chemicals in the world without added more into your home or office. Our green and allergy cleaning will lengthen the time of your Upholstery and Furniture by at least 2 years. We clean all furniture, chairs, couches, sectionals, loveseats, ottomans, benches, office furniture, mattresses, beddings, bed lines, children mattresses, dog beds etc.

We also offer Water/Flood and Fire/Soot Cleaning and Restoration For All Upholstery and Furniture

Area Rug Restoration

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